Natural Alkaline

Alkah2o achieves the perfect 9.5 pH

Natural Alkaline Water is rare, to find a perfect 9.5 pH in nature is almost unheard of. Other companies manipulate water with additives and/or electrical procedures to get to a 9.5 pH.  Alkah2o is truly unique. Zero additives and Zero Scientific alterations for pH manipulation.

Our most recent batch was bottled at a 9.5 pH and for over a decade we have never had water bottled with a pH less than 9.2. Since there is no manipulation to the water, it remains stable, and ideal for optimal hydration as Mother Nature intended.

Other alkaline waters revert back to a lower alkalinity once it is in contact with air and are not stable like Alkah2o. Man made alkaline water and natural alkaline water are not the same. Water that is artificially made often use minerals that your body does not actually need and the scientific alterations often trick your body into believing it is getting the minerals that it isn’t. Alkah2o has natural minerals and a natural alkalinity that is perfect for your body’s absorption and hydration.