Our Story

From Our Family to Yours

On the island of Puerto Rico, there were rumors and folklore of a special healing water in the mountains.  For decades, the Vidal family studied and searched for alkaline water for health benefits for their own family.  In 2010 the Vidal family came across a very rare well, but they did not know how rare it was until the tests came back. It turned out to be one of the rarest water sources in the world.  Tropical Volcanic water with a natural pH hovering around a 9.5 pH.

The first water pulled from the well in 2010 had a pH of 9.7.  When the Vidal Family was given the opportunity to buy the land with this pristine alkaline aquifer, knowing the powerful rejuvenating effects of natural alkaline water on the human body, they did not hesitate.  The goal became clear: to bring 100% natural alkaline water to Puerto Rico.  The reception on the island was so good, that alkah2o  ended up in over 500 stores becoming a top seller throughout the island.   It was featured on radio shows, recommended by doctors, won taste competitions, and soon was seen everywhere on the island.

After the request from so many other people outside of Puerto Rico to get alkah2o, we decided to provide this bountiful water to the world so others could experience this supreme gift of Mother Nature.  Today, thanks to a journey that began decades ago, we are able to share with you, one of the rarest waters on planet Earth with the highest natural pH on the market, health benefits and luxurious texture; the water we call, alkah2o.  Mother Nature’s 9.5 pH.