The Water

pH Without Compromise

Until alkah2o In almost every instance, people have been unable to match a high pH with natural water. It was believed it didn’t exist. Water enthusiasts would make compromises on the desirable pH or the Natural, Artesian, tropical Well, or Spring water that gives the best taste as Nature intended. The search for the perfect water leads directly to alkah2o. We had no idea what we would find when we tapped the well. We were excited to find out but we never guessed we would find Mother nature’s 9.5 pH.

It is a slow process that starts with a Single drop of rain falling towards one of the most down-poured on areas in the world. Landing in the lush tropical mountains, each drop then slowly filters through hundreds of feet of unique volcanic rock and stone and lands in a vast tropical aquifer that delivers the rarest water on earth. This amazing water is never touched by humans until you open the bottle and experience the smoothest and cleanest water known as alkah2o.

You may notice that companies that create pH water usually aim for a pH that is in between 9 and 10. These manufactured pH waters use scientific alterations that make a temporary alkalinity that changes quickly and is not stable or they put in additives to change the pH; creating an unnatural combination. When it comes to water, we believe Mother Nature does it best. It has been our family’s goal, and our greatest pleasure, to share alkah2o with you and without compromise.